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PRICE: $29.98
Director: Michele Soavi

Stars: David Brandon, Barbara Cupisti, Robert Gligorov, Martin Philips
PRICE: $29.98
Director: Sergio Corbucci (Django, The Great Silence)

Stars: Franco Nero (Street Law, Django), Tomas Milian (Django Kill), Fernando Rey (The French Connection), Karin Schubert, Jack Palance
PRICE: $29.98
Director: Eric Werthman

Stars: Roger Rees (The Prestige, The West Wing), Geno Lechner (Schindler's List, Immortal Beloved), Miho Nikaido (Henry Fool)
GOD TOLD ME TO (Blu-ray)
PRICE: $29.98
Director: Larry Cohen (Q-The Winged Serpent, It's Alive)

Stars: Tony Lo Bianco (The French Connection), Sandy Dennis, Deborah Raffin (Death Wish 3), Sylvia Sidney (Beetlejuice), Richard Lynch, Andy Kaufman
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