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VENOM (Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack)
PRICE: $29.98
Director: Piers Haggard

Stars: Sterling Hayden (Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather), Klaus Kinski (Nosferatu), Sarah Miles (Blow-Up), Nicol Williamson (Excalibur), Susan George (Straw Dogs), and Oliver Reed (Gladiator)
PRICE: $29.98
Director: John Moxey / Jeremy Summers

Stars: CIRCUS: Christopher Lee, Leo Genn, Klaus Kinski, Margaret Lee, Suzy Kendall / DRAGONS: Bob Cummings, Margaret Lee, Rupert Davies, Klaus Kinski, Maria Rohm, Maria Perschy, Brian Donlevy, Dan Duryea, George Raft, and Christopher Lee
99 WOMEN (3-Disc Limited Edition)
PRICE: $49.98
Director: Jess Franco (Venus in Furs, Sadomania)

Stars: Maria Schell (The Odessa File), Mercedes McCambridge (All the King's Men), Maria Rohm (Eugenie), Rosalba Neri (The Castle of Fu Manchu) and Herbert Lom (Mark of the Devil)
MANHATTAN BABY (3-Disc Limited Edition)
PRICE: $39.98
Director: Lucio Fulci

Stars: Christopher Connelly, Martha Taylor, Brigitta Boccoli, Giovanni Frezza
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